Artificial Intelligence – ሰው ሰራሽ የማሰብ ችሎታ

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes better sense in the simplicity of Amharic - ሰው ሰራሽ የማሰብ ችሎታ (a thinking capacity created by humans) than when defined with scientific sophistication and perfection in English, of course is also relatable in a simplified English language definition: “technology containing or entailing (human-like) intelligence”. Mind you, humans have multiple thinking … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence – ሰው ሰራሽ የማሰብ ችሎታ

The Storyteller from Meskelo

ዛሬም የደሀናና የጋዝጊብላ እናቶች የወላድነት አደራን ሊወጡት አልቻሉም። አባት የ13/14 አመቱን ጨቅላ ከማጨት በሕግ ቢከለከልም ያን ከማድረግ አላረፉም። ትምህርት ላይ መስፈንጠር የቻሉት ከእምዬ መሬት ቁጣ ቢላቀቁም ስለታቸው አሁንም የሚገባው ለደብረወይላ ቤተክርስትያን ነው። ለነሱ ላሊበላ የጦርነት መታሰብያ ወይንም የቱሪስት መዝናኛ፣ ለኛ ላሊበላ የታሪካችን ቅርፅና የውበታችን ማጌጫ፣ ለዛች ለጋ ወጣት ግን ጋሜናዋ ለተደፈነው ላሊበላ ድንጋይ ነው። ፀሎትዋን … Continue reading The Storyteller from Meskelo

Ethiopia preps for June elections

Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia worldwide anticipate general elections this June after a prolonged Covid19 postponement. The event will secure the appointment of members of the House of Peoples' Representatives and regional state councils. This electoral test will be the first for the ruling Prosperity Party. Opposition political parties say they center their ambitions not … Continue reading Ethiopia preps for June elections

The Performing Arts in African countries

the performing arts and political expression in some african countries The Tempos band were known for their political songs. JCollins-BAPMAF Archives Edmund John Collins, University of Ghana Towards the end of the Kwame Nkrumah era in 1966, a number of highlife artists wrote songs critical of him as Ghana’s president. But during the period leading … Continue reading The Performing Arts in African countries