Infinite boundaries

There are 1000 sounds in the Nightingale’s repertoire ranging from whistling crescendos to cricking alarm calls. Only the unpaired male sings by night during breeding season. I didn’t know that when a little birdie woke me up in the middle of the still night with a fascinating song that brought about the realisation of a beauty I’d never before quite imagined.

In Hans Anderson’s story, Nightingale, the Emperor replaced the real thing with a mechanical one because he preferred the tune of the latter. The real Nightingale flew back to the Emperor and sang to him while he lay weak in his bed. The Grim Reaper who had come around to fetch the old man to his death heard the tune and walked away. The Nightingale had saved the Emperor.

But not all stories hold such promise about the Nightingale. In Greek mythology, Philomela is destroyed by her brother-in-law, and she transforms into the beautiful sounding Nightingale. The Nightingale is present in Homer’s Odyssey and Ovid’s metamorphosis; writers such as Philip Sydney and T.S. Eliot have contributed to that literature not to mention numerous poets with moving odes and poetry.

Thinking of the Nightingale can inspire a stretch in imagination. Tunes are related to many moods, which can also be generated from the smell and taste that beckons from a simple coffee cup. The taste of the coffee will depend on all stages of its preparation and a good hard roast brewed in ginger, cloves and rue is like no other. Everyone knows that an Arabica goes well with a Cognac, or Brandy.

How sounds, authentic smells, tastes, melodies, rhythms, colors and textures are inspired and what influences them is a curious topic marking beginnings and endings of cyclical process. Crafting words to give them all meaning is an inspiring and challenging art. Could they ever sound anything close to the thousands of whistles and crescendos of the Nightingale, an ordinary looking brown bird with more than a gift of the gab.

I heard the Nightingale singing outside my window on several occasions, always by night. At first, I only listened because it was the first time I had ever heard such a song, and I only knew about the bird from fairy tales.

Little did I know that adopting her name would help me focus on my creative potential. The embodiment has been challenging as the sound of a voice is a great thing only if the words crafted to support it are just as refined. Understanding a wide range of meaning making helps to express words with feeling. At the same time, creating content in print, audio, and visual mediums can be laborious and time consuming making AI look interesting. What AI could I apply to record my visualizations into illustrations, write my thoughts in words, and interpret the music in my head onto music sheet?

Marvel producers have interesting things to say about how they use AI to shortcut menial work. Photographers and digital image creators adore that it resolves laborious tasks.

How to understand artificial creations when its hard to understand natural creations?What are the limits of my creativity? Observing the differences between creating paragraphs or poetry verses, constructing drawings and images into shapes and forms, and piecing together sounds to create tunes is entertaining. Adding the right scent, odor and temperature can be imagined as close as getting to the lived experience of creativity, yet the replica is only ever just close enough to offer an illustration of creation.

Need something written or translated (Amharic-English/French)? Don’t hesitate. Send me an email.

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