The Dream

A lie was born

In a dream

That trickled

Like a stream

And swelled

In to a river

Then flowed

Into the sea

Without bounds

Crashed in to the oceans

Blinding whales and dolphins

Unexpected splashes

Later made them sing

The humpback whale sprayed

Clouds opened up

Lightning struck

Raindrops soaked the earth

Like tears on a pillow

Flowing from a broken heart

Yearning for reality

In a dream that scoffed

Imagined creativity

All but empty

Shallow lies

Twisted branches

Clinging ivy

Thorny roses

Weary mind

Exhausted emotions

Collapsing body

Dreams pouring

In to an empty void

That never fills

Brewing shame

And heavy words

To eyes that fail to see

The lie in a fanciful dream.


Monument To The Unknown Bureaucrat, Reykjavik, Iceland

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