Sometimes ..

Sometimes nothing happens and its ok until something else happens, like a prod, as if to see if you are still there.

Of course, I’m here, I never went anywhere. I’m exactly where I was yesterday and where I shall stay for an eternity because I’m not going anywhere, nobody can make me.

Except me. So what shall it be? When nothing happens, its not as though everything is destined to stay that way. Even rocks grow moss, and you know moss spreads everywhere. You’ll be covered in moss if you don’t move, you really need to move, prod, prod. Can you hear me?

Who are you talking to?

You, I’m talking to you!

But, but, I’m not a person. I don’t even exist. I’m not even here. Can’t you see? You are playing tricks on your mind.

So be it! I shall go away. I shall go away for good and you shall never remember this day, nor yesterday, nor day before. You shall just wither right there where I’m leaving you, forgetting and forgotten. You shall never see me again!

How will you transport yourself? Where shall you go?

Away, away, far, far away!

And what shall you do?

I shall have an adventure!

Well, sometimes things happen when we go away.

Like what?

Like you might just want to stay. I mean here. Or you may wish to leave. You may want to do that when you see the smoke rising around you. But nothing is happening right now. No.

No. No. Nothing is happening like it sometimes happens, you know. Only sometimes do some things happen, prod, prod.

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