Lulu just turned one in Louisiana. She is the most adorable looking one-year-old I’ve ever seen and I’m looking forward to seeing her taking her very first steps . . . on Facebook . . . of course, we live in a fantabulous virtual world.

Ten years ago I would have found it hard to imagine being cooped up indoors, ordering meals, and taking it easy on the children’s bedtime routine so we could have one less thing to argue about. Now in 2020, Mother Earth is so fed up of devious hearts caring for her old, tired self that she decided to shut us all indoors. It looks like she might keep us there for a while.

To be fair, I had already self-imposed a kind of lockdown a year before Covid19 had started – only because I chose to get seriously involved with lots of books that I couldn’t walk away from as I had to write about them. I thought I was enjoying all of that until I realized I had a small problem – I was turning into a hermit.

That meant any effort to get out and meet people or to socialize was extremely short-lived if at all it happened. Instead, I developed a knack for categorizing what I was reading and creating piles that the cat would curl upon. There was a second problem, I wanted to write about things that were distracting me from my books. I had to go with it.

Writing brought back memories I hadn’t thought of forever. Colleagues from another career, uni-friends, key events in high school, and even further, right back to the funny age when I was sitting on a high stool spitting out the carrot puree and slurping up the peach.

My friends were as happy to reunite with me as I was. It was remarkably easy to trace them on Facebook. From there, we hooked up on WhatsApp and Viber for catch-up conversations that consumed the first three-quarters of 2020. Soon groups were forming and little did I know then that Zoominars were going to become the in-thing that they are now.

This year will be over in a few months. So much remains unpredictable yet one thing is clear. Change has happened. Old Mother Earth may need some help taking some baby steps into the remaining part of the decade so I’m getting prepped up to be there for her, my friends and family. I hope you’ll stick around and take part in the fun – can’t wait to pop that fizz on the eve of 2021!